The Coastal Fleet’s annual winter exercise Lumiukko24 will take place in the Gulf of Finland and the Archipelago Sea from 27 February to 7 March 2024.

During the Lumiukko24 exercise, seamanship and combat skills will be trained. The objective of the exercise is for the naval units to train to operate in demanding winter conditions with sea ice and cold. The exercise consists of sub-exercises, including training in sea mines, firing and various types of winter navigation.

“The Navy’s task is to monitor the territorial integrity of the sea throughout the year. Winter navigation and winter navigation require special expertise, which is why it is important to train in icy conditions in order to maintain combat capability,” says Commander Jan-Erik Aitos, Chief of Staff of the Coastal Fleet.

Ships from 6. Surface Warfare Flotilla, 7. Surface Warfare Flotilla and 8. The Maintenance Wing will participate in the exercise. In addition, some international partners from the naval forces of Estonia, Germany and Latvia will participate in the exercise on board Finnish vessels. Finland has extensive expertise in operating in Arctic conditions, and sharing this expertise with our NATO allies is important for the development of the alliance’s common defense.