From 13 to 15 June 2023, the Pluton Diver Base (BBPD) building and its on-board de-diving dental dental dental dental dental operation participated in the Italian Operation Fundali securiked in the Adriatic Sea alongside the Gaeta mine hunter.

Operation Fondali securi was created in September 2022, hours after the announcement of the sabotage of Nordstream pipelines to strengthen the protection of Europe’s strategic arteries.

Several exchanges could be conducted with the crew of Gaeta. Joint visits to buildings, presentation of existing equipment and procedures. Finally, two cooperation dives were taken on a pipeline. This exchange has proved to be rich in lessons for the detachment of deminer divers to improve procedures and assess the relevance of its resources in the context of the control of the seabed, and more particularly in the safety of pipelines.

This cooperation was also an opportunity to test research and identification material such as ROVs and AUVs currently used by the GPD Méditerranée. Within the framework of the Navy’s strategic objectives on deep-sea control, cooperation with a leading European ally in the Mediterranean is a great opportunity.