The Navy is committed to carrying out government programs by increasing the use of domestic products and encouraging the independence of the defense industry, this time the Navy built two tugboats, all of which utilize domestic industry. This was conveyed by the Logistics Assistant to the Chief of Naval Staff (Aslog Kasal) Rear Admiral TNI Agus Santoso when leading the harbor tug ship launching event, located at the PT Noahtu Shipyard, North Jakarta, Tuesday (7/3).

Furthermore, Aslog Kasal said that this domestic industrial-made harbour tug ship besides functioning as a tugboat also as a Search and Rescue (SAR) ship because it is equipped with fire fighting to help extinguish and evacuate victims at sea.

“This ship has the capability of a 35-ton bollard pull, a platform viewing angle of up to 360┬░, ship transfer and escorting services using a winch that is on the bow and stern, equipped with an azimuth stern drive propulsion system so that the ship can maneuver 360┬░ stationary on the spot”, said Aslog Kasal.

The tugboat, which will later operate in Koarmada I and Koarmada III, has a function to provide guidance and delay services in assisting the maneuvering movement of the Republic of Indonesia Warships (KRI) during the process of entering and exiting the port. The ship has a length of 30 meters, with a width of 12 meters, a height of 5.10 meters, a maximum speed of 12 knots with an endurance of up to 5 days, and is equipped with accommodation for 10 personnel.

With the increase of KRI elements in Koarmada III which is currently strengthened by tank transport type ships, assisting hospitals and patrols so that tugboats are needed. “The construction of the two tugboats is to rejuvenate the Main Equipment of the Navy’s Weapon System (Alutsista),” said Rear Admiral Agus Santoso.

In a separate place, the Chief of Naval Staff (Kasal) Admiral TNI Muhammad Ali recently emphasized that this step was taken to support the government in improving the economy, as well as a form of national independence in fulfilling the Main Tools of Weapon Systems (Alutsista), as well as increasing Indonesia’s role in the global supply chain.