This implementation follows a major technical shutdown that saw the PHM Commandant Birot acquire the drone’s fixed installations. In addition to this, the Birot received the complete package consisting of two vectors – the drones –, a catapult, a recovery net, as well as a batch of autonomy.

With this system, the PHM’s intelligence capability will be greatly expanded, with the drone capable of filming and photographing real-time and continuously distant targets from a distance of about 25 nautical miles. It offers operational potential and undeniable added value in the missions assigned to a deep-sea patrol vessel. The range of situations where the drone can make the difference is vast: establishment of the tactical situation in the area, asymmetric combat, fisheries surveillance, valuable unit escort, building visit, etc.

The system will really be a major asset for the PHM Commandant Birot during its next CORYMBE mission.