The operations of sea control and integral maritime security carried out by the Colombian Navy in the central Pacific, allowed the interdiction of two boats manned by five foreigners, in which 2,961 kilograms of marijuana were transported.

On board the first unnamed vessel, manned by three men, military personnel during the inspection procedure found 49 packages that by their characteristics and smell would resemble marijuana.

The subjects and the material were transferred to the Special District of Buenaventura in Valle del Cauca, where the Technical Investigation Corps performed the Approved Preliminary Identification Test – PIPH on the packages, yielding positive for marijuana with a weight of 1,457 kilograms.

Subsequently, another unnamed boat manned by two men was intercepted, which had 60 packages inside apparently with alkaloids. The personnel and material were also transferred to the main port of the Colombian Pacific, where the judicial authorities carried out the respective tests, determining that the packages contained 1,504 kilograms of marijuana.

The five subjects were brought before the competent authority for the alleged crime of trafficking, manufacture and/or possession of narcotics.

With this blow to drug trafficking, the Colombian Navy prevented drug trafficking organizations from receiving about 19 million dollars and distributing approximately 500 doses on the streets of the world.

The Colombian Navy will continue to develop maritime control operations to counter illicit acts against drug trafficking and criminal structures that commit crimes in the Colombian Pacific.