The PSG “Sibbalad” reaffirms its commitment to the tasks of daily support with the safeguarding of human life at sea.

On Monday, September 4, a solemn ceremony was held in commemoration of the 27th anniversary at the service of the PSG Institution “Sibbald”, a Unit dependent on the Beagle Naval District and with Puerto Williams base port.

The ceremony was headed by the Commander of the Beagle Naval District, Captain Jaime Jara, the Mayor of the commune, Patricio Fernández, and Unit Commanders.

In his speech, the Commander of the PSG “Sibbald”, Lieutenant Commander Sebastián Villarroel, made a historical review of the Unit, since its creation and arrival in Puerto Williams, highlighting the different tasks it has fulfilled facing the difficult weather conditions in that area. “Indeed, in its 27 years of service to the Homeland, its crews have sailed 457 thousand nautical miles, carrying out tasks of maritime surveillance and control, maritime police, fisheries inspections, support to isolated areas, connectivity and supply to sea mayors and lighthouses, maintenance of maritime signaling, control and combat of oil spills, maritime search and rescue operations, always safeguarding human life at sea; thus fulfilling the different mission areas that the Navy develops throughout the national territory,” he said.

In that sense, “The protectors of the sea” have fulfilled throughout this year tasks of replenishment to different sea mayors in the jurisdiction, maintenance commissions to maritime signaling, instructions to Officers of the Chilean Navy, among others.

In the instance, the Commander of the Unit also delivered a “living gift” to the crew: a dog baptized as “Ašáka” which means “channels” in the Yagán language, a name that reflects the area of operations where the Unit is immersed under extreme temperatures and adverse weather conditions.

The PSG “Sibbald” reaffirms its commitment to the tasks of daily support with the safeguarding of human life at sea and the safety of navigation in jurisdictional waters, fulfilling daily with the different mission areas entrusted by the Institution.