A new version of the Teamwork South naval exercise will take place on October 6 and 12, training that takes place every two years between the U.S. Navy and Chile. The development of this meeting will be divided into two phases; activities on land and others at sea.

This activity, which has been carried out since 1995, aims to increase interoperability, enlistment, as well as strengthen the bonds of friendship and mutual cooperation that exists between both Navies.
The Commander in Chief of the Squadron, Rear Admiral Roberto Zegers commented that “today we are beginning the port phase with the North American team. The destroyer USS Momsen is calling at port.

In addition, a nuclear submarine and a P-8 aircraft will participate to operate with our Squadron and with our Naval Aviation in an exercise that will last five days.”

He went on to explain that this is an opportunity “where we can measure ourselves in some way with other institutions, with other forces, especially the United States Navy, in reaching a more complex level of training with submarine units, such as a nuclear submarine, which we usually do not have on our shores.

The ground phase will be focused on the exchange with activities such as the symposium “Women, Peace and Security” and “Senior NCO Panel”, allowing the creation of bonds of professional friendship that are maintained over the years between our crews.

Regarding the sea phase, Rear Admiral Zegers explained that “we are going to set sail next Sunday with the ships of the Squadron, we hope in these five days, to carry out anti-submarine exercises to the Coquimbo area, and surface exercises with the North American units.”