With an effective of 320 military personnel of the Brazilian Navy, in addition to the personnel and means of the Army and the Air Force, a new phase of Operation “Ágata” began on Monday (12). At this stage, preventive actions will be carried out, in the border strip of the state of Roraima, and logistical support, in coordination with the agencies of protection of the environment and defense of the indigenous peoples, the Federal Police, the Federal Highway Police, the National Public Security Force and other participating agencies, in the face of the public health emergency, with the fight against illegal mining, in the Yanomami Indigenous Land.

The Naval Force, commanded by Rear Admiral (Marine) Luís Manuel de Campos Mello, holder of the Naval Command of Special Operations, has resources from the Command of the 9th Naval District, as well as troops and means of the Fleet Marine Force and the 1st Riverine Operations Battalion.

The River Patrol Vessel “Raposo Tavares”, based in Manaus (AM), is one of the means participating in the operation that, moved to Caracaraí (RR), will support the actions in the Branco River and Catrimani River. The ship has armored boats and a helicopter that enhance and provide greater flexibility to the Operation.

This entire effort aims to contribute to humanitarian support to indigenous communities and the neutralization of illegal activities in the Yanomami Indigenous Land. “The mission is of great relevance. The use of the River Patrol Vessel “Raposo Tavares”, using the trinomial ship, aircraft and troop of marines, guarantees the presence of the Navy and, consequently, the Brazilian State in the Amazon”, comments the Commander of the ship, Lieutenant Commander Felipe Teixeira Molinari Gentil.

The mission aims to deliver to government agencies a more peaceful scenario, making simpler a definitive solution to the problem involving miners and indigenous people in Roraima.