The newest Russian “stealth” corvette of project 20386 is being redesigned for additional development of innovative solutions implemented on this ship, an informed source told RIA Novosti.

Project 20386 corvettes are new-generation ships that implement the modular armament principle, as well as the possibility of basing drones. The lead corvette from this project, when laid down at Severnaya Verf in 2016, received the name Daring, then it was renamed Mercury. Later, this name was given to the project 20380 corvette, which became part of the Navy on May 13, 2023.

“The project is not closed, the project is ongoing, but it is shifting to the right for the period necessary for redesign. Additional elaboration of a number of adopted innovative solutions implemented on this ship was required,” the agency’s interlocutor explained.

He noted that in order to decide on the construction of a series of corvettes of the innovative project 20386, an assessment of the effectiveness of work on the lead ship is required.

Earlier, RIA Novosti reported that the newest project 20386 corvette will be the first Russian ship built entirely according to the stealth concept. If earlier they used separate elements of stealth technologies, including a radar-absorbing coating, then the concept of a full-fledged “stealth” ship is being implemented on the new corvette.

Agency sources then reported that the corvette hull was completely completed, the formation of the ship’s superstructure was carried out.

Reprinted from RIA Novosti. Early graphic from