All Operational Belgian Warships at Sea

March 2, 2021 (Google Translation) – Last year, the Navy was experimenting with a method of quarantining its crews before departing on a mission. The two weeks preceding it, its members remain in isolation at home before joining their unit and carrying out a Covid test. The method is now proven because our Navy is running at full speed.

With the departure, last week, of the frigate F930 Léopold I for an escort mission in southern Europe, all of our operational ships have set sail.

The command and logistics support vessel A960 Godetia embarked the Dutch staff of SNMCMG1 ( Standing Nato Mine Countermeasures Group 1 , the NATO mine countermeasures fleet) and headed for the Baltic Sea for various missions and exercises with the riparian countries.

The M921 Lobelia minehunter is part of this flotilla and has already had the opportunity to neutralize a number of explosive devices during the HODOPS ( Historical Ordnance Operations) mission , an operation relating to the search for and neutralization of historical explosive devices. ), off the Dutch coast.

The M917 Crocus and M924 Primula mine hunters sail with the Dutch mine hunter M860 Schiedam for the benefit of the ENS (Nautical School) of the Center of competence of the Navy located in Bruges. The young people are on board for the winter campaign in order to put into practice the theoretical courses received.

Our patrol boats, P901 Castor and P902 Pollux, carry out daily missions for the benefit of the Navy and our coast guard partners. These missions are coordinated by the MIK (Maritime Information Carrefour) located in the Zeebrugge Marine base.

The period is complex for crews who cannot take their usual rest during stopovers. This is why we attach particular importance to well-being on board and thank the families for supporting our sailors.

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