The 7th 100-ton patrol boat PP-10093 of the Coast Guard Fleet Branch’s “Coast Patrol Vessel Development Plan” was held at the Tainan Coast Guard this afternoon (30th), led by the captain, to receive the boat and become a unit. The ceremony also invited Tainan District Prosecutor’s Office Attorney General Chung He-hsien, Kaohsiung Port Branch Anping Port Operations Office Senior Director Lin Jianhong, Friends of the Coast Patrol Southern Branch President Wang Wencheng, Legislator Lin Chun-hsien Service Office and Fishermen’s Association representatives and other friendly units and Experts and scholars participated in the grand event together, including Huang Ruiyuan, deputy director of the Southern Division of the Coast Guard, Dong Junting, director of the Sixth Patrol Area Headquarters, Zhou Zhengzhang, captain of the Tainan Inspection Team, Shen Zhengxing, captain of the North Gate Inspection Team, Ma Liyun, captain of the 11th Coast Patrol Team, etc. Also attending the meeting, the ceremony kicked off with a 35-ton patrol boat holding a water-spraying ceremony to guide it into the harbor, symbolizing the welcome of the PP-10093 boat to officially join the ranks of maritime law enforcement, adding another new force to the power of duty in Tainan waters.

The new 100-ton patrol boat was built by CITIC Shipyard. It adopts the German MAN high-speed main engine and propeller propulsion system. It has a maximum speed of 25 knots (approximately 46 kilometers per hour), an endurance of 1,200 miles, and a total tonnage of 266 tons. It is configured One boom-type boat can cooperate with the mother boat to perform boarding inspection, life-saving and rescue tasks in shallow water areas when necessary. This type of boat is equipped with a high-pressure water sight with fire-extinguishing function. The water spray volume is about 300,000 liters per hour and the maximum range can reach 95 meters. In addition to being effective in performing fire-fighting tasks, it is also capable of shutting down and driving away illegal cross-border fishing boats. When necessary, use strong law enforcement methods. In addition, the hull part adopts a rigid-edge hull shape, which greatly improves the wave resistance of this type of boat and effectively enhances the life-saving and rescue capabilities in the waters of Tainan and Kaohsiung.

The Tainan Coast Guard said: The newly built 100-ton patrol boat is conducive to performing diversified maritime patrol missions with its high wave endurance and endurance. If the public discovers illegal activities or requires the services of Coast Guard units, please call the Coast Guard “118” service hotline to report the situation as soon as possible. The Coast Guard will immediately go to deal with it to safeguard the safety of Chinese people.