HNLMS Groningen has intercepted almost 2,600 kilos of drugs in the Caribbean Sea. There were 2 catches. More than 2,000 kilos were seized yesterday and 560 kilos last month.

The navy ship came into action both times after being alerted by the Caribbean Coast Guard. He had spotted the smuggling transports, after which the fast interceptor boat (FRISC) of the Groningen started the chase. On board was a combined team consisting of members of the ship’s crew and of the Fleet Marine Squadron.

However, the first group of 6 suspects refused to stop and did not even respond to warning shots. Therefore, the military turned off the outboard engines of the smuggling go-fast with targeted fire. During the chase, the passengers threw packages of drugs overboard. They were later fished out of the water. The second go-fast did stop after giving warning shots.

All suspects and the batches of drugs have been handed over to the local authorities. The drugs have since been destroyed.