Taiwan International Shipbuilding Launches Patrol Vessel

December 10, 2020 (Google Translation) – Taiwan International Shipbuilding Corporation built a 100-ton patrol and rescue boat (Taiwan Ship No. HNO.1143) for the Marine Commission’s Marine Patrol Agency Fleet Branch. The launch ceremony was held at 11:00 am on December 8, 2020 at the Keelung Plant of Taiwan Shipping Company. The ceremony was co-chaired by Director Tang Ronggui of Taiwan Shipping Company’s Keelung Plant and Captain Lin Zhiming of the Matsu Sea Patrol Team of the Marine Patrol Agency’s fleet. Ms. Ren Ruyu, the wife of Lin Zhiming, the captain of the Matsu Sea Patrol Team, is specially invited to serve as the bottle thrower. The important guests of this launching ceremony included the heads of the Marine Patrol Administration, Ship Development Center, China Ship Survey Center, BV Ship Survey Center and other units to observe the ceremony and participate in the grand event.

In order to strengthen the patrol of the waters of Taiwan and protect the fishermen, the Maritime Patrol Department of the Oceanic Commission specially commissioned a Taiwanese shipping company to build 15 100-ton patrol and rescue boats. The 100-ton patrol and rescue boat (Taiwan ship number HNO.1143) was launched today. At the ceremony, the 15 patrol rescue boats in this case are expected to be completed and delivered in 2023.

Taiwan Shipping Company possesses national shipbuilding technology, which can meet the needs of the Maritime Patrol Agency and the naval shipbuilding, and participate in the design and construction of various types of combat and logistics ships. The company has the equipment and capabilities to build various types of It can also cooperate with various shipbuilding plans of “national shipbuilding”, develop and adopt domestic and foreign strategic alliance methods, and then actively strive for the maritime patrol agency and the navy. Construction case.

Taiwan Shipping Company is the largest shipyard in China. The original intention of the establishment is to cooperate with national policies and support the construction of national defense. It has incomparable enthusiasm and a sense of mission for the Marine Patrol Agency and the Navy to build excellent warships. , Drone-class missile speedboat, Suijiang warship, Wuyi warship, etc. The recent second-generation ship construction, such as “Guanghua No. 1 Projectー Chenggong Class Missile Cruiser”, “Guanghua No. 3 Projectー Jinjiang Class Missile Cruiser”, ” The Guanghua VI Project ーNew Generation Missile Speedboat, as well as the Navy’s largest and latest “oil bomb supply ship”, the Panshi warship, the 2000-ton Hexing ship and the Weixing ship frigate and The 2000-ton patrol and rescue ship “Xinbei Ship” of the Maritime Patrol Administration has all completed various shipbuilding tasks as scheduled.

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