Italian Navy Command Course Busy at Sea

December 9, 2020 (Google Translation) – The presence and surveillance of the aircraft carrier cruiser Garibaldi continues in the Mediterranean Sea to protect the interests of the country and the defense of the free use of the high seas.

The two naval units of the Coastal Surveillance and Defense Patrol Forces Command (COMFORPAT) of Augusta, the Borsini ship and the Sirio ship , also benefited from its presence , engaged in an important training activity of the Naval Command School (SCN) for the young officers of the Navy who are preparing to become commanders of warships. There were 2 intense days of training events and maneuvers in formation between the aforementioned Borsini ship, Sirio and Bergamini ship, Stromboli ship and Garibaldi ship: assumption of position in screens, flanking and refueling maneuvers, air defense activities from simulated attacks by our AV8B + Harrier aircraft, flight operations with formation of 6 helicopters; an extraordinary mix with exciting training moments of different nature, perfectly interpreted by professional sea “actors”, such as the men and women who make up the crews of ships, helicopters and airplanes of the Navy.

This session of the Naval Command School was the 290th, demonstrating that it is a fundamental activity, based on strong seafaring traditions and indispensable for the training of young officers, even in this delicate historical moment of the country. A unique and unforgettable session for the future Commanders of the Navy who were able to train and maneuver by plowing in the wake of the first Italian aircraft carrier.

The mission of presence and surveillance of our seas continues in the coming days for Nave Garibaldi and its Commander, Captain Stefano Luigi Donno.

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