From Friday 9 to Sunday 11 June 2023 and in the context of the social contribution of the Armed Forces and the joint actions provided for in the Memorandum of Cooperation between the Hellenic Navy and the non-profit company HOPEgenesis, a team of personnel of the Health Directorate of the HNDGS and members of HOPEgenesis were sent to Samos, in Fourni and Agathonisi, in order to inform the local population on Assisted Reproduction issues.

The team, which consisted of 3 members of the Joint Medically Assisted Reproduction Unit (MIYA) and 6 members of HOPEgenesis, was transported to the islands by the Pegasus Coastal Patrol Boat, and provided information to residents on the following items:

● The organization, structure and operation of the MIYA.
● Assisted reproduction techniques.
● The cooperation between the Hellenic Navy and the company HOPEgenesis, in order to address the low birth rate in Greece and especially to strengthen the populations of 24 border islands of the country.
● The provision of services to support the permanent population of these islands, covering childbirth, examinations, transport and accommodation expenses by HOPEgenesis.
● How to manage incidents in remote areas.

It is noted that MIYA has been operating since March 27, 2017 in state-of-the-art facilities in a special wing of the Athens Naval Hospital (NNA), with the aim of providing specialized health services to beneficiaries of medical care of all three branches of the Armed Forces as well as the Security Forces, contributing to the removal of infertility problems of their executives.