Moskva Trains for Combat Readiness in Black Sea

December 5, 2020 (Google Translation) – The crew of the Guards Order of Nakhimov missile cruiser (GRKR) “Moskva” conducted a damage control exercise as part of the delivery of elements of the course task K-1.

The elements of the course task were worked out at the basing point of the division of surface ships of the Black Sea Fleet.

According to the legend, the teachings in one of the cruiser’s compartments caught fire and smoke.

Upon receiving the “Alarm” signal, the personnel of the emergency rescue group (LRA) sealed the emergency compartment, created defense lines, localized and extinguished the fire in the compartment.

Also, the crew of the “Moskva” group worked out the standards for putting on individual protective equipment and deploying a fire extinguishing line.

Damage control training is an obligatory element of combat training for crews of surface ships and submarines of the Black Sea Fleet.

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