SIMA Delivers Five Boats and Updates Peruvian Navy Submarine Refit

In the presence of the Minister of Defense, General Jorge Chavez Cresta, we held the ceremony for the delivery of the first five (05) Service Boats to transport personnel for the Peruvian Navy, out of a total of seven (07); and in a second act, the propulsion engine of the BAP Chipana Submarine was installed at our SIMA Callao Operation Center.

These Boats, which are SIMA’s own design and development, have a propulsion system consisting of: two inboard engines coupled to two tail shafts that allow greater maneuverability, capacity to transport 104 people; Likewise, it has the load capacity of being able to transport up to 10 tons and be used as logistical support vessels for the transport of food, ammunition or other materials for the Units that are anchored in the Outer Rada and also with a projection of services towards the Naval Station of San Lorenzo.

They are implemented with safety equipment that comply with the SOLAS standard (Safety of Life at Sea), allowing you to safeguard the safety of human life at sea. Likewise, they will have navigation equipment, GPS, communication radio, magnetic compasses, radio beacon, among others.

Following this, we carry out the maneuver for the installation of the propellant motor of the BAP CHIPANA Submarine, a motor that has been assembled and prepared for its previous installation in the X-51 Electricity Workshop of our Callao Operation Center, work carried out by our staff professional that is the main Peruvian value of the company.


This engine capable of developing 5,000 horsepower to turn the propeller of the unit, has a weight of 45 tons and due to its dimensions and type of maneuver, it is hoisted by two high-capacity cranes.

This activity marks an important milestone that is the beginning of the modernization process and the installation of the various equipment that must be placed in the compartments of the submarine, subsequently the union of cut sections, welding and tests will be carried out.

It is worth mentioning that the Servicios Industriales de la Marina SA, in its Callao Operation Center, has been carrying out the half-life repair and updating of four units of type 209 – 1200, classified as submarines of the “Angamos” class which They were built in the Federal Republic of Germany, so that this will allow them to operate safely and modernly for years to come.

For this type of work, it was necessary to cut the resistant hull by separating the submarine into two parts or sections, which allows large equipment to be removed from the board for maintenance or replacement.

Both protocol acts were attended by the Minister of Defense, General Jorge Luis Chavez Cresta; the Chief of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces, Army General César Augusto Astudillo Salcedo; the General Commander of the Peruvian Navy, Admiral Fernando Cerdán Ruiz; the Commander General of Pacific Operations, Vice Admiral James Thornberry Schiantarelli; the Executive Director of SIMA Peru, Rear Admiral Javier Bravo de Rueda Delgado, among other authorities.

Likewise, it is important to mention that the agreements signed with the Peruvian Navy contribute to the sustainable socioeconomic development of the country, granting jobs, strengthening the high-quality naval industry due to the labor involved, thus fulfilling with international standards and procedures, leaving very high the professionalism and commitment of our company with its men of steel.

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