Floreal on Southern Indian Ocean Patrol

September 22, 2020 (Google Translation) –  On September 6, 2020, the surveillance frigate Floréal left its base port at Pointe des Galets in Reunion Island for a dual mission of surveillance and the fight against illicit trafficking in the southern Indian Ocean.

His patrol took him off Tromelin, Glorieuses, the Geyser and Zelée banks, and their respective exclusive economic zones (EEZs ).In
addition, a passage off Mayotte was an opportunity to conduct maneuvers with the helicopter of the National Gendarmerie and to navigate in concert with the overseas support and assistance building (BSAOM) Champlain , carrying out various supply presentation maneuvers for a few hours at sea.

Completed in 1991, the Floréal is the first in a series of six frigates. Armed by 82 sailors, its main missions are monitoring and combating illegal activities at sea (drug trafficking, illegal fishing, etc.) in French maritime areas in the southern Indian Ocean. Based at Port des Galets, on the west coast of Reunion, the Floréal is 93.5 meters long and 14 meters wide and has a load capacity of 2,600 tonnes.

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