Moskva Completes Sea Training After Refit

September 11, 2020 (Google Translation) – The Guards Order of Nakhimov Missile Cruiser (GRKR) “Moskva” successfully passed the elements of the course task “Swimming and combat by a single ship” in the Black Sea after the completion of the scheduled repair.

The elements of the course task were worked out in the maritime training grounds.

Now the cruiser is returning to the main base of the Black Sea Fleet to replenish material and food supplies, after which it will continue to prepare for participation in the Kavkaz-2020 strategic command and staff exercise.

As part of the implementation of the elements of the course task, the crew carried out a set of naval combat exercises and measures to coordinate the crew at sea.

In the course of practical actions, the crew of the cruiser worked out conducting anti-aircraft defense with the implementation of anti-aircraft artillery fire, conducted training in damage control, as well as in all-round defense and defense of the ship when parked in an unprotected roadstead.

At sea, the crew worked out the algorithm of actions for the conditional use of the ship’s main missile system.

In addition, the personnel of the cruiser conducted an exercise on boarding the Ka-27PL helicopter in the Black Sea and checked the operability of all systems of the ship’s aviation complexes.

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