Dumont d’Urville Prepares for Hurricane Season

May 28, 2020 (Google Translation) – Based in Fort-de-France, the overseas support and assistance building (BSAOM) Dumont d’Urville, admitted to active service on April 17, brings to the armed forces in the Antilles (FAA) a new light amphibious capability . Among the means of this particularly versatile new building is indeed a service boat capable of transporting and disembarking vehicles, freight or personnel on a beach.

In preparation for the hurricane season, the BSAOM Dumont d’Urville is currently carrying out a census of the beaching sites in the French West Indies. After Marie-Galante and Saint Barthélémy, it is in Saint Martin, on the beach of Anse Marcel, that the Dumont d’Urville recognized this Sunday April 17 a new site.

The detachment of the 33rd Marine Infantry Regiment (RIMa), deployed in Saint Martin since early April as part of Operation Resilience, joined this operation. This joint cooperation made it possible to validate the embarkation of different vehicles from the beach. Above all, it made it possible to combine the maritime recognition of the site by the divers from Dumont d’Urville with the knowledge of the terrain by the infantrymen of the 33rd RIMa.

A joint maneuver which illustrates the complementarity of the means of the FAA to intervene in the event of a natural disaster to rescue the population.

“Dumont d’Urville”, based in Fort-de-France and admitted to active service on April 17, 2020, is the fourth and last BSAOM (overseas support and assistance building). Armed by two crews of 24 sailors, these multi-purpose vessels have the capacity for autonomous logistics transport, force projection, surveillance and police at sea, pollution control and assistance to ships in distress.

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