ITS Carlo Bergamini Home From Operation Atalanta

May 25, 2020 (Google Translation) – The frigate Carlo Bergamini of the Navy returned to Italy on Sunday 24 May. The ship recently concluded its participation in the European anti-piracy operation EUNAVFOR – Atalanta , carrying out the presence and surveillance tasks along the maritime traffic lines in the area between the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden and part of the Indian Ocean . In Taranto , from where the ship had left last February 8, the crew was welcomed by the Commander of the Second Naval Division, Admiral of Division Paolo Pezzutti .

Since February 15, the Bergamini ship has traveled 14,702 miles, developing 1,739 engine hours , 143 flight hours (including 27 at night) of the two helicopters on board , 18 consensual visits (friendly approach / from the boat approach) to boats in Somali waters, 18 missions of Intelligence , Surveillance and Reconnaissance of data collection, 31 patrol missions Surface Surveillance Control, 33 days of patrolling in Somali coastal waters and 23 interrogations to merchant ships and boats. The ship also escorted the World Food Program merchant Juist for two days.

Operation Atalanta , decided by the European Council in November 2008, is in fact the first European-led naval operation. The operation was created to combat piracy in the area of ​​the Horn of Africa (Gulf of Aden and Somali basin), where it continues to pose a threat to the freedom of navigation of merchant traffic , vital for energy supply and exchange commercial of European countries. Naval units and aircrafts located in the area participate in the mission for the surveillance and recognition of suspicious activities related to the phenomenon of piracy.

The mission’s tasks also include contacts with local communities , the Local Leader Engagement (LLE), during which the ship reveals its presence off the coast.

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