During a stopover in Split from 26 to 31 October, the Multi-Mission Frigate (FREMM) Provence – A crew – engaged under NATO operational control in Operation NOBLE SHIELD, made it possible to maintain the Franco-Croatian cooperation by conducting an exercise with two patrol boats from the Croatian Navy and Coast Guard.

This joint training began with a session of tactical evolutions allowing the French and Croatian crews to evolve into a constituted force in a synchronized manner. This was followed by an exchange of know-how between inspection teams in order to make our capacity tools and operating methods consistent with our Croatian partner. Three Croatian officers were thus able to sail aboard the Provence, while two French sailors embarked on the Croatian patrol boats, thus allowing a better understanding of the specificities of each navy.

This exercise between the French and Croatian navies in the Adriatic Sea has made it possible to strengthen their interoperability and to deepen regional cooperation with a NATO navy in a strategic area.

FREMM Provence is currently completing a multi-week deployment in the Eastern and Central Mediterranean and is preparing to return to its base port in Toulon.

New-generation stealth vessels, versatile, durable and flexible in use, equipped with advanced automation and an optimized crew, the FREMMs are among the leading frigates of the French Navy. They constitute the backbone of the surface fleet of the French Navy and participate in the renewal of its frigate component, the real backbone of a navy with an ocean vocation. The FREMM’s anti-submarine means are recognized as being among the most efficient in the world.