FS Languedoc Patrols the Indian Ocean

May 12, 2020 (Google Translation) – After its transit in the Suez Canal during the night of May 10 to 11, the multi-mission frigate (FREMM) Languedoc has just joined the Indian Ocean in order to relieve the air defense frigate Forbin in the AGENOR operation to protect the European interests in the Strait of Hormuz.

This mission comes a few weeks after FREMM has completed its operational training cycle, with equipment set up in Toulon on April 25. Crew FREMM will only have spent two weeks on the quay since taking over the vessel on February 27. Indeed, after having completed his operational training cycle, he left Toulon on April 25 for his first operational mission.

“It is a real satisfaction to be able to conduct our first operations, first in the Mediterranean and then in the Indian Ocean. Since its creation, the crew has taken up many challenges to meet the requirements of naval operations, “said Captain Helluy, commanding crew B of the FREMM Languedoc . The last challenge to date is certainly that of COVID-19, an additional parameter in the equation of life at sea. But the crew quickly adapted to their new environment and the procedures quickly took into account the masks, hydro-alcoholic gels, barrier gestures and other preventive measures without disturbing the progress of the operation, while ensuring the health of the crew.

The FREMM Languedoc is now sailing towards its new mission: to protect European interests in the Strait of Hormuz as part of the AGENOR operation launched by France and its partners. Whether in the Mediterranean or in the Strait of Hormuz, the deployment of the Languedoc frigate thus shows France’s attachment to maritime security, freedom of navigation and respect for international law.

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