From 4 to 20 September, the patrol boat Antilles-Guyane (PAG) La Confiance carried out an operational deployment in Brazil including two stopovers (Belém and Santarem), the ascent of the Amazon River as well as a joint patrol with the Brazilian patrol boat Guanabara.

During its transit to Belém, the crew of La Confiance trained in the recovery of castaways. He also revised the procedures for conducting fisheries policing operations, carried out regularly with the Brazilian Navy.

On September 6, the eve of the Brazilian National Day, the building arrived in Belém. This stopover made it possible to welcome on board the air division general Xavier Buisson, senior commander of the Armed Forces in Guyana (FAG), the maritime zone commander, the Consul of France and a delegation of Brazilian sailors. During this stopover, the crew of La Confiance also prepared the Franco-Brazilian patrol which took place on 18 and 19 September.

The results of this joint maritime patrol conducted along the border between Guyana and Brazil are very positive. It made it possible to stop 4 boats that were engaged in illegal fishing. Their control led to administrative processing at sea with the seizure of non-regulatory nets.

This sequence of naval diplomacy and the joint patrol reinforced the operational synergies resulting from Franco-Brazilian cooperation in the maritime domain.

With 2,100 soldiers, the FAG carry out support missions for State action and contribute to sovereignty missions. As such, they guarantee the protection of the national territory, and contribute to maintaining security in the Caribbean Single Permanent Responsibility Area (ZRP), to the fight against illegal gold panning (Operation Harpie), to securing the space center Guyanese (Operation Titan), and the fight against illegal fishing. As part of their fisheries police mission, the FAGs guarantee France’s sovereignty over the waters under its jurisdiction, meet the international commitments made by France in the field of the preservation of fisheries resources, and combat illegal maritime activities.