Auvergne Sets Sail for the Eastern Mediterranean

Everyone is at their post, all of the building’s capacities are checked: Auvergne is ready to accomplish its mission.

Having left Toulon on November 2, the frigate is heading for the eastern Mediterranean, the theater where it will succeed the La Fayette Aconit- type frigate – as part of Operation CHAMMAL to fight Daesh – to ensure the near-permanence of buildings. French in a strategic area where security challenges for France and Europe are numerous.

This deployment follows an operational conditioning period (MECO) of several weeks during which the crew prepared for the various contingencies specific to potential operations in the area. It is now in operations that the sailors will demonstrate their know-how, both by allowing an autonomous assessment of France’s situation, and by participating in cooperation activities intended to strengthen its partnerships.

Admitted to active service in 2018, the frigate Auvergne is one of the eight Frigate multi missions (FREMM) of the French Navy. Armed by some 150 sailors, it embarks a Caiman Marine helicopter. It has remarkable capabilities in the field of anti-submarine warfare and is equipped with the naval cruise missile, capable of striking ground targets in depth.

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