Hyundai Launches FFX BATCH II Donghae

April 29, 2020 (Google Translation) – The new escort ship (FFX Batch-Ⅱ) No. 4 East Sea was launched.

The launching ceremony of the Navy’s new escort ship, Donghae (FFX Batch-II, 2,800 tons), was held at Hyundai Heavy Industries in Ulsan on the afternoon of the 29th.

More than 20 people participated in the launching ceremony including Mayor Shim Gyu-Eon, Donghae Mayor, Kim Jung-Soo, Head of Planning and Management, Navy Headquarters, Lee Myung-Dae, Head of the Defense Agency’s Escort Ship Team, and Nam Sang-Hun, Head of the Special Heavy Industries Project, Hyundai Heavy Industries. Mrs. Kang Mi-won’s wife was amputated.

The Donghae Naval Ship is a new escort ship (FFX Batch-II) No. 4 built to replace the 1,500 ton-class escort ship (FF) and the 1 ton-class patrol ship (PCC) in operation by the Navy, 122 m long, 14 m wide, and high It is 35m and 2,800t class.

The armament is equipped with a 5-inch gun, fleet-containing munitions, and close-defense weapon systems, and can operate a single maritime operation helicopter.

On the other hand, the Navy commissioned the escort ship in 1983 to participate in the anti-submersible anti-submarine operation in the South Sea in 26 years, using the name of the provincial and provincial unit names as the naming fleet, and was the first Korean patrol ship retired in June 2009. It inherited the name of Donghaeham (PCC-751, 1,000 tons) and named it ‘Donghaeham’.

The new Donghae ship will be delivered to the Navy at the end of 2021 after a trial run evaluation period, and will be deployed after completion of the electrification process.

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