The Yantar Baltic Shipbuilding Plant (part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation) laid down the keel of the Anadyr MPSV06M multifunctional ice-class emergency rescue vessel.

The ceremony was attended by Governor of the Kaliningrad Region Anton Alikhanov, Head of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “Marine Rescue Service” Viktor Chernov, Deputy General Director of the USC for Production Activities Sergey Lyashenko, General Director of the PSZ “Yantar” Ilya Samarin and others.

Anton Alikhanov thanked the staff of the Yantar PSZ for their work for the benefit of the region and the country: “Such events are a holiday for the entire Kaliningrad region. The laying of the ship means that one of the key, backbone enterprises of the region, providing jobs for more than four thousand people, lives and develops, builds new ships for our country. I am very pleased that our Kaliningrad plant is becoming a supplier of modern technological vessels for an important international sea route – the Northern Sea Route.”

“Such vessels are urgently needed to perform a variety of tasks for the active development of the Arctic. Its unique characteristics make it in demand for the fishing industry, oil workers, researchers, port workers and many other services and departments,” Sergey Lyashenko said.

“For the Yantar plant, this is already the second rescue vessel of the Icebreaker6 ice class. Now construction is confidently moving into mass production, and we expect that we will continue to work on this interesting and important project for the plant. The construction of reliable modern vessels is our contribution to the well-being and independence of Russia. And we will make every effort to ensure that the Anadyr is handed over to the customer on time and with the proper quality worthy of the Russian fleet!

Anadyr is being built for the Marine Rescue Service of the Federal Agency for River and Sea Transport. The customer is the Federal State Institution “Directorate of the State Customer of the Program for the Development of Maritime Transport”. The vessel is intended for patrolling, rescue duty in the areas of navigation, fishing, offshore oil and gas fields; searching for and rendering assistance to ships in distress in clear water and in ice conditions; performing icebreaking operations in port, port waters and at sea with ice thickness up to 1.5 m. The vessel will also be able to extinguish fires on floating and coastal facilities accessible from the sea, survey the seabed and damaged objects at depths of up to 1000 m .

In the bow of the vessel at the level of the deck of the 1st tier of the cabin, a runway is provided for receiving a Ka-32 helicopter. To carry out lifting operations, the ship will be equipped with an electro-hydraulic cargo crane with a nominal lifting capacity of the main winch of 50 tons, with an active roll compensation system, which makes it possible to lift loads of 20-25 tons from a depth of up to 500 m. ) with a power of 55 kW with an operating depth of immersion up to 3000 m and a speedboat 10.6 m long, with a speed of 30 knots and a capacity of 24 people to assist those in distress.

The multifunctional ice-class rescue vessel will allow the Marine Rescue Service to more effectively perform the tasks of ensuring safety on the NSR.