First American stop for Nave Virginio Fasan, which after having cast off its moorings from the port of Halifax in Canada, arrived on 22 May in the heart of New York.

After a brief stop, the frigate left the port of Manhattan in the late afternoon of May 23 to return the following morning, after skirting the Statue of Liberty and sailing up the Hudson River, thus taking part in the Naval Parade . The defilade, held in the presence of the Honorable Carlos Del Toro, United States Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV), officially kicked off New York Fleet Week , a tradition that is held every year on American soil. The ship, after having sailed together with units of the United States, Canada and United Kingdom, then reached the port of Manhattan again, where it will remain moored until May 30, opening its doors in favor of the population for guided visits to edge.

A precious opportunity to strengthen the already consolidated bond of friendship that exists between Italy and the United States, as well as to relaunch the country system in the naval defense sector overseas.