Van Amstel specializes in anti-submarine warfare, in which the crew deploys various sonar systems. Van Amstel is one of the few frigates within NATO with a combination of these specific systems. So last week the ship played an important role in the anti-submarine warfare (ASW) exercise: Dynamic Mongoose . It took place between Norway and Iceland and ended last weekend.

Van Amstel brought something special with the so-called Low Frequency Active Passive Sonar (LFAPS). This is an innovative and unique low-frequency sonar. Onboard Van Amstel also has an NH90 maritime attack helicopter. With its specialized sonars and its ‘helicopter view’, it makes an important contribution to the ship’s ability to detect submarines in a large area. The Royal Netherlands Navy has 30 years of experience with the frigate and therefore specialist knowledge. This is in high demand worldwide.

Anti-submarine warfare is indispensable in maritime operations and will continue to play a major role in the future. Enemy submarines pose a threat to modern society. For example, if they cause unseen damage to ships or infrastructure at sea or on the seabed.