USCGC Dependable (WMEC 626) returned to her homeport in Virginia Beach, Saturday, following a 29-day patrol in the Florida Straits.

In support of the Coast Guard’s Seventh District, Dependable’s crew conducted migrant interdiction operations, collaborating with numerous Coast Guard assets and Department of Homeland Security boats and aircraft to detect, deter, and intercept unsafe and illegal ventures bound for the United States.

During the patrol, Dependable’s crew assisted with the interdiction of 193 migrants and cared for a total of 297 migrants that were interdicted by various Coast Guard and other law enforcement entities working within the Florida Straits.

“The crew began preparing for this Florida Straits patrol back in July, including qualifying over 50 crewmembers to stand watch and care for migrants embarked on board the cutter,” said Lt. Cmdr. Dana Prefer, executive officer on board Dependable. “All of the training and preparation paid off as it was truly a team effort to interdict, process, and care for almost 300 migrants throughout our patrol.”

Dependable is a 210-foot, Reliance-class medium endurance cutter with a crew of 67. The cutter’s primary missions include counterdrug operations, migrant interdiction, enforcement of federal fishery laws, and search and rescue in support of Coast Guard operations throughout the Western Hemisphere.