Falkonry today announced a big leap for Falkonry AI with the Office of Naval Research deploying its AI applications to advance equipment reliability on the high seas. This AI deployment is carried out with a Falkonry-designed reference architecture using NVIDIA accelerated computing and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s (OCI’s) distributed cloud. It enables better performance and reliability awareness using electrical and mechanical time series data from thousands of sensors at ultra-high speed.

Falkonry has designed its automated anomaly detection application, Falkonry Insight, to take advantage of Edge computing capabilities that are now available for high security and edge-to-cloud connectivity. Falkonry Insight includes a patent-pending, high-throughput time series AI engine that inspects every sensor data point to identify reliability and performance anomalies along with their contributing factors. Falkonry Insight organizes the information needed by operations teams to determine root causes and automatically informs operations teams to take rapid action. By inserting an edge device into the US Navy’s operational environment that can process data continuously, increasingly sophisticated naval platforms can maintain high reliability and performance out at sea.

“We have seen demand for increased AI computing in the field, especially to leverage operations data for higher operational and personnel productivity,” said Nikunj Mehta, Founder & CEO of Falkonry. “Falkonry brings an automated, no-setup AI that leverages Oracle’s Edge infrastructure and NVIDIA AI Platform to further the Navy’s reliability and CBM+ goals.”

With Insight at the Edge, Falkonry now processes the data locally, keeping the source data secure in the factory or platform like a ship or vehicle, and enables a SaaS interface for end-user collaboration. The benefits of this approach include significantly increased security and a substantial reduction in latency, through both transmitting less data and having a dedicated high-speed pipe through which data is continuously analyzed in real time.

Falkonry will leverage Oracle infrastructure and software services to provide services in environments requiring high security around data. Oracle Cloud will also provide its Roving Edge Infrastructure that enables new use cases, such as running AI services in factories that have limited internet connectivity, and on naval vessels that have only occasional connectivity. Falkonry’s AI is now able to run anywhere, for any level of security requirements.

“Falkonry is a leading AI company that solves real manufacturing and defense challenges, many that have stringent requirements around security and performance,” said Rasmus Ekman, AI/ML lead at Oracle. “By leveraging OCI’s distributed cloud with Roving Edge and our Government regions, Falkonry will be able to provide a high level of security, performance, and scalability at a low price for both mobile and stationary edge.”

“The Navy has a goal to improve operational readiness and performance in its modern vessel classes. Falkonry enables them to exploit huge volumes of time series data from complex systems-of-systems, and the Falkonry applications are used directly by their operations and design teams,” said Ian Hersey, VP Public Sector at Falkonry.