HNLMS Tromp has launched 2 missiles in the Norwegian Sea. Here, and in the Atlantic Ocean, the large-scale maritime exercise Formidable Shield takes place. On behalf of the Netherlands, HNLMS Van Amstel participates in this. Formidable Shield now lasts a week.
Real ammunition

The exercise involves 13 NATO countries with more than 20 ships, 35 fighters and 4,000 personnel. The whole is led by the Americans. These have sent part of their Sixth Fleet.

The NATO countries are showing that they are interoperable. That is, they can work together without restrictions. The ships stop ‘enemy targets’ with real ammunition. The countries not only test crews for their skills, but also the pilots of, for example, F-35s.

Tromp has a so-called Smart-L Multimission/Naval (MM/N) radar. After an air alert, it can detect a ballistic missile. However, the naval ship does not have the precious resources to destroy it. Therefore, the frigate can transfer the information to a partner. It destroys the projectile.