The 23rd Trisila Operation Task Force of the Republic of Indonesia Fleet Command (Koarmada RI) has arrived at the Balikpapan Navy Base, whose arrival was welcomed by Balikpapan Naval Commander Colonel (P) Rasyid Al Hafis accompanied by Lanal and Jalasenastri Branch 3 Korcab XIII officers at Semayang Pier, Balikpapan. Sunday (21/5).

While in Balikpapan, Open Ships activities were held at KRI Untung Suropati-372 and KRI Singa-651, which were also attended by Saka Bahari youths, maritime children, Dayak dancers, high school and high school students and the Balikpapan SMK Marching Band.

Operation Trisila Koarmada RI Year 2023, has now entered the 45th day of the 52 days of the planned operation implemented, in its implementation the Indonesian Navy through Koarmada RI held Operation Trisila Koarmada RI carried out by Koarmada I, II and III. A total of three elements are members of the Trisila Operation Task Force with the Task Force Commander Marine Colonel (P) Dofir. The three warships of the Republic of Indonesia (KRI) are KRI Untung Suropati-372, KRI Singa-651 and KRI Hasan Basri-382.

Operation Trisila Koarmada RI is a Navy operation carried out by Koarmada RI and its subordinate ranks with the aim of demonstrating the existence of Koarmada RI, through operations in the context of law enforcement and security of Indonesian national jurisdictional territorial waters During the voyage in the territory of Indonesian

Jurisdiction, the Trisila Koarmada RI Task Force also tested the preparedness of elements to carry out exercises integrated, and this activity is in accordance with the daily orders of the Commander of the Republic of Indonesia Fleet Command (Pangkoarmada RI) Vice Admiral Heru Kusmanto, namely realizing the preparedness of the Republic of Indonesia Fleet as the main component of national defense at sea in the form of an Integrated Fleet Weapon Fleet System that is mobile and highly firepowered.