President Tsai Ing-wen went to the Seventh Patrol Area of the Southern Branch of the Coast Guard Department of the Marine Commission this afternoon (24) to comfort her colleagues in the Coast Patrol, affirming the hard work of the coast guard personnel in investigating and seizing smuggling, illegal entry and exit, preventing and blocking African swine fever, implementing various border epidemic prevention and life-saving work, and listening to work briefings and awarding extra vegetable allowances.

President Tsai on the third day of the Lunar New Year, specially went to the southern region to comfort the colleagues of the Coast Patrol to stick to their posts during the Spring Festival, the Coast Guard Department strictly guarded the first line of defense against African swine fever and the entry of epidemic diseases, with the most rigorous attitude, to prevent illegal violations abroad, and during the Spring Festival, all parts of Taiwan to handle the expansion of power sweep projects, combined with high-tech equipment, 24 hours a day to maintain China’s sea and coastal security, protect the health of the Chinese people, let the Chinese people celebrate the Spring Festival safely.

With the steady opening of China’s borders, in addition to continuing to take protective measures, people should also pay attention to the safety of pro-sea recreation, if an emergency crisis occurs on the shore, you can call the “118” service line of the Coast Patrol, and the Coast Guard will immediately send personnel to the Coordination Office.