Regarding media reports that “the CCP Xiamen ship approached the 24-mile line and choked our Magong ship”, the Navy Command stated today (12th) that in response to the intrusion of the CCP ship, the army will firmly guard the sea area and dispatch ships to deal with it. , and depending on the ship’s course and speed, it is predicted that it will approach our adjacent area, that is, it will be driven away according to regulations, and will not back down.

The Naval Command further stated that since the CCP’s joint military operation in August this year (111), it has continued to implement combat readiness police patrols around the Taiwan Strait, increasing the pressure on our military ships’ combat readiness. Work, have the ability and determination to defend the security of the sea, call on the people of the country to rest assured, and continue to give support and affirmation to the army. Lieutenant General Liu Qingbin, Spokesperson of the Naval Command, Director of Political Affairs

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