In view of the recent illegal operation of mainland fishing vessels crossing the border in the waters of Wuqun, the Jinma Peng Branch Office planned to dispatch PP-10081 boats of the Kinmen Coast Guard to carry out a powerful sweep in the waters of Kinmen and Wuquan in the form of project tasks, and banned a land-registered fishing boat “Xiuji Lin” in the waters of Daquan at 3 o’clock on March 9 to engage in illegal diving and fishing operations.

On the same day, Cai Maocheng, deputy director of the Jinma Peng Branch Office, led the PP-22 Ninth (Kinmen) Coast Guard of the Fleet Sub-Office to carry out sweeping duties in the waters of Wuqun Sea, and combined with the shore patrol and monitoring of the Wuqun Security Checkpoint, a mainland-owned fishing boat “Xiuji Lin” was found in the eastern waters of Dakun and was engaged in diving and fishing operations. The fishing vessel involved in the case and the four land-registered crew members were seized on the spot, and no cattle and pork-related products were found during the cabin inspection. At 10081:4 on March 3, the detained persons arrived at Kinmen Liluo Port for follow-up investigation, during which the round trip was 10 miles. After the disinfection operation of the whole ship and the implementation of COVID-02 quick screening are negative, they will be sent to the 150th Shore Patrol of the Jinmapeng Branch for liuzhi investigation.

The Jinma Peng branch office said: The Lu Xiuzhou entered the Wuqun sea area to engage in fishing operations without permission, and was suspected of violating the regulations on people’s relations between the Taiwan region and the mainland region, and will be punished according to law after the investigation of the whole case is completed; The Coast Guard will continue to plan ships from time to time to expand their power and sweep patrols, and closely combine the energy of the Wuquan security checkpoint and garrison brigade to protect the security and fishery resources in the Wuqun sea.