The 26th new patrol boat PP-3513 of the Coast Guard Fleet Development Plan “Turnkey Procurement Case for 52 35-ton Patrol Boats” prepared by the Coast Guard Fleet Branch arrived at the Xingang Fishing Port in Taitung today (25th), becoming the eastern A new force for regional maritime patrol. The 15th (Taitung) Coast Guard specially held a new boat commissioning ceremony and blessing ceremony to pray for the smooth performance of the boats in life-saving rescue, maritime law enforcement and fishery resource maintenance, and to effectively improve the capacity of law enforcement.

The 15th (Taitung) Coast Guard has a vast sea area under its jurisdiction. The newly built 35-ton patrol boat uses two high-speed main engines and water-jet propellers. It can reach a speed of up to 45 knots (about 83 kilometers per hour) and has a endurance of 600 miles. If a suspicious target is discovered at sea, the fleet’s rapid attack energy can be immediately used to increase law enforcement and deterrence forces, improve the effectiveness of rescue missions and the effectiveness of maritime crime suppression.

The hull of the boat is made of aluminum alloy and is equipped with a fire extinguishing system. The maximum range of the water column can reach 60 meters, which helps to strengthen the ability to drive away cross-border ships and extinguish fires, effectively safeguarding national sovereignty, safeguarding fishing rights, and completing life-saving and rescue missions.