The Navy’s main exercise for spring 2024, Helka 24, will be held on 23.5.-31.5.2024. The Navy exercises the execution of naval operations, including troop movements and combat missions in the archipelago and on the coast.

The focus areas of the exercise are in Western Uusimaa, Southwest Finland and the Archipelago Sea. The troop movements can be seen in the coastal area all the way from Kirkkonummi to the Turku area.

In addition to the Navy’s naval and coastal units, units from the Army, the Air Force, the Border Guard and the Defence Forces Logistics Command will also participate. The exercise will be coordinated with the Army’s Sapeli 1/24 exercise.

The naval exercise will assess the skills of conscripts in the troop compositions of conscripts in contingents 1/24 and 2/23 who will be engaged in June. The total strength of the participating conscripts, reservists and salaried personnel exceeds 2000 people.