Spring was conspicuous by its absence and was replaced for the day with a light snowfall. On the other hand, the band was present, guests and the crew of the new signals intelligence vessel HMS Artemis, which today was christened in Karlskrona. Shortly, the crew will cast off and the personnel from FRA, the National Defence Radio Establishment, can deliver intelligence for Sweden’s security.

HMS Artemis replaces HMS Orion, which has served for more than 40 years on the seas, where she served and protected Sweden by gathering qualified intelligence. The new ship is better in every way. She is bigger, more comfortable and, above all, modern. This is noticeable both for the crew and for the FRA’s personnel, who are the ones who carry out the actual intelligence work. Cabins, canteens, gyms and workplaces on board meet modern standards, which is important when you are at sea for long periods of time.

The baptism was appropriately performed by the Director-General of the FRA, Bj√∂rn Lyrvall, said, “With the King’s approval, your name shall be HMS Artemis, may good fortune and success follow you on the seas and may you be a strong link in our defence.” Unveil the nameplate!

Two crew members unveiled the nameplate and the ship was named according to the traditions of the navy.

Commander of the Swedish Navy, Ewa Skoog Haslum, spoke about a joyful and historic day, “Maritime traditions are important to us. Our ships are with us for a long time, sometimes several generations of personnel have served on the same hull. That’s why moments like this, which provide both closure and beginning, are important. They provide perspective and a point to relate to when we look back and look ahead.

HMS Artemis will soon go to sea and make its first live intelligence gathering, which also means that Orion can be retired, after decades of serving Sweden.”