Within the framework of a technical and logistical stopover of its Summer Antarctic Campaign (CAV), the polar ship “Almirante Maximiano” and the oceanographic support ship “Ary Rongel” of the Navy arrived at the commercial dock of the city of Ushuaia. of War of Brazil.

The ships were received at the dock by the Chief of the General Staff of the Southern Naval Area, Captain Carlos Alberto Soto, accompanied by the Naval Attaché of Brazil in Argentina, Captain of the Sea and War Caio Vinicius Cesar Feitosa. The mooring was enlivened by the Music Band of the Southern Naval Area (ANAU) with a musical selection that included songs such as Cisne branco, Dorado Batista and Saudade, among others.


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During the stay in the Fuegian capital, various meetings were held on board the ships, as well as in the facilities of the Ushuaia Naval Base. Present were the Commander of the ANAU, Navy Commodore José Alberto Martí Garro, the Brazilian Naval Attaché and the commanders of the “Maximiliano”, Sea and War Captain Dieferson Ramos Pinheiro; and “Ary Rongel”, Captain of the Sea and War Marco Aurelio Barros de Almeida.

Once the technical-logistical stopover in Ushuaia is over, the military ships will make a final stopover in Montevideo (Uruguay), and then enter Brazilian waters, ending their current CAV.