TM, which has signed the first and only submarine modernization export of Turkey, has modernized the second ship of the AGOSTA 90B Class submarines owned by Pakistan with modern and state-of-the-art systems and delivered it to the Pakistan Navy.

STM Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade Inc. , one of the leading companies of the Turkish defense industry , has left behind another important milestone in its export success. In the project where three AGOSTA 90B class submarines were modernized by STM, the second ship PNS/M KHALID (S-137) was delivered to the Pakistan Naval Forces Command with a ceremony.

Submarines are being modernized with the most modern systems

The entire sonar suite, periscope systems, Rudder Console, Converters, Seawater Cooling System, Information Distribution System, Command Control system, Radar and Electronic Support Systems of the submarines are being replaced. Thus, within the scope of modernization, additional features are gained beyond the existing possibilities of submarines. At the same time, systems belonging to many domestic and national companies, especially ASELSAN and HAVELSAN, are exported within the scope of the project. All the structural modifications, materials used, and workmanship on submarine vessels required for submarine modernization are certified by the international classification society DNV (Dat Nordske Veritas).

Agosta90B Accurately Hit the Target

The first Agosta 90B Class Submarine PNS/M HAMZA (S-139), which STM modernized and brought to the Pakistan Navy, sank a decommissioned frigate with a torpedo shot during the SEASPARK-2022 Tactical Exercise.