Between 3-6 June, Malmo was visited by the Spanish aircraft carrier ESPS Juan Carlos 1 together with the frigate ESPS Blas de Lezo. The visit is a routine visit where you will replenish supplies and rest the herds.

The vessels are in the area in connection with the major naval exercise BALTOPS in the Baltic Sea, which begins on 5 June and ends on 20 June. BALTOPS 24 is one of the largest naval exercises in the Baltic Sea.

It is carried out every year to clearly demonstrate that the NATO alliance takes its responsibility for the security of the Baltic Sea, as well as to deter adversaries and defend the entire Baltic Sea region and Europe. Baltops 24 involves about 12,000 people from 19 nations and NATO. Examples of participating forces are the amphibious battalion, staff personnel and about 50-60 warships. 25 fighter jets and 60 helicopters will also participate in the exercise.

Sweden participates with 12 warships, fighter jets, helicopters and combat vehicles, a total of 1500 soldiers and sailors. This year’s BALTOPS is the first with Sweden as an ally in NATO.