Saab and Damen stand for maritime world class. Together we are working on the new submarines for the Netherlands. Saab Damen believes that buying submarines is a strategic decision. Together we design the best submarine, so that the Netherlands, when it comes down to it, can keep itself safe independently of other countries.

Buying submarines goes beyond buying “the best boat for the best price”.

Dick Zandee, defense specialist Clingendael Institute, said, “The Dutch submarines are a separate class of submarines that no other country in NATO actually has.”

We have to make important things in the Netherlands. Otherwise, we run the risk of being completely dependent on other countries at key moments. The situation in the world today teaches us that as a country you must continue to take care of yourself. The purchase of submarines must therefore be a strategic decision that goes much further than ‘the best boat for the best price’.

Safety and innovation

With the designs of Saab Damen, the Netherlands will have the most modern submarines in Europe. The work stays in the Netherlands, we spend our tax money in our own country and we develop the latest technology together with our navy. With Saab Damen, the Netherlands does not just buy the best boat. The Netherlands buys safety and innovation for the next 30 years.

Companies involved in the construction can continue to innovate as long as the new Dutch submarines are in service. In the case of today’s submarines, this has been for more than 35 years. In this way, the Netherlands remains a global leader in naval construction and technological knowledge.