Ships of the Pacific Fleet (Pacific Fleet), led by the flagship of the fleet of the Guards Order of Nakhimov, the Varyag missile cruiser, have returned to the Pacific Fleet’s area of ​​responsibility, which begins south of Sri Lanka, the press service of the fleet reports on Tuesday.

“A detachment of ships is making an inter-fleet transition from the Mediterranean Sea to a permanent deployment point in Vladivostok after completing tasks in the far sea zone,” the report says.

The Pacific Fleet took over the operational control of a detachment of ships at the transition from the Black Sea Fleet. The ships are currently crossing the Indian Ocean. From their home base in Vladivostok, the ships of the Pacific Fleet went on a long voyage in December 2021.

The detachment of ships approaching Sri Lanka, in addition to the Varyag cruiser, includes the Admiral Tributs large anti-submarine ship and the Boris Butoma large sea tanker.