New units of the Marine Corps are planned to be created in Russia due to changes in the military-political situation, the command of the Russian Navy said.

“The existing number of marines as a whole ensures the fulfillment of the tasks. However, taking into account the change in the military-political situation, the formation of new units and subdivisions is planned,” Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Navy Lieutenant General Viktor Astapov said in an interview with the Red Star newspaper of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

“To date, the combat potential of the Marine Corps is increasing due to the constant improvement of the organizational and staff structure of formations and units by introducing tank units, electronic warfare units and unmanned aircraft into their composition, as well as supplying new and modernizing the equipment in service,” he said.

Astapov added that in early 2022, the Marine Corps received more than 20 modernized T-80BVM tanks.
The Marine Corps is a branch of the Navy’s coastal forces designed to conduct combat operations in amphibious assaults, as well as to defend naval bases, important areas of the coast and coastal facilities.