The BEs crossed the Kiel Canal in a group, on the night of 6 to 7 June 2023, to reach Brest, their home port, after four weeks of navigation.

This training corvette was the fourth corvette for cadets at the Naval Academy. It allowed them to consolidate and perfect their knowledge of coastal navigation and maneuver. It was also an opportunity for them to practice more navigation on the high seas in an area of strategic interest, in an operational context linked to the presence of many warships of various NATO navies or competitors. This constrained environment prepared them for what they would later encounter on a mission in the forces.

The exchanges and the links forged during the stopovers with their Swedish, Finnish and Polish counterparts were also a great opening to the world for these young officer cadets, less than a year before their departure on the Joan of Arc mission, a school of application to the sea for naval officers.