Indonesia as a maritime country with a fairly large maritime defense force is closely related to the refurbishment program for the warship fleet, in order to support the TNI’s maximum performance in carrying out operational functions, especially the Navy. DEFEND ID through PT PAL Indonesia as the defense industry in the marine sector and PT Len Industri (Persero) as the holding company, are committed to answering these needs by collaborating with the Indonesian Ministry of Defense.

Witnessed by President Joko Widodo in the main area of ​​the IndoDefense 2022 exhibition, the CEO of PT PAL Indonesia Mr. Kaharuddin Djenod and Mr. Bobby Rasyidin CEO of PT Len Industri (Persero) signed a warship refurbishment contract with the Head of the Land Facilities Agency (Kabaranahan) of the Indonesian Ministry of Defense Marsda TNI Yusuf Jeweler.

” A total of 41 warships will be repaired to meet the Minimum Essential Force (MEF). Because the time needed to carry out the refurbishment is quite short, the Indonesian government in this case the Indonesian Ministry of Defense has entrusted PT PAL as the lead integrator ,” said Kaharuddin Djenod.

The refurbishment program itself has a very strategic and crucial value, especially in supporting the success of the Navy’s tasks. Inside there are various types of ships ranging from Fast Patrol Boat (FPB) Class, Parchim Class, Corvette Fatahillah Class, PKR Class, KCR Class, Sigma Class and MRLF Bung Tomo Class.

“PAL’s role as a lead integrator is not limited to being the sole contractor. Furthermore, so that PAL can explore the potentials of the maritime industry in Indonesia. Therefore, PAL also acts as a coordinator for shipyards in Indonesia to jointly succeed in this government program, ” added the CEO of PT PAL Indonesia after signing the contract.

In its implementation, PT PAL Indonesia as the lead integrator of the national shipyard, will lead and cooperate with 9 (nine) shipyards throughout Indonesia with the approval of the Indonesian Ministry of Defense. With a multi-year scheme , the refurbishment project consists of ship conversion, and it is planned that there will be installation of surface to surface missiles (SSM) as well as the addition of weapons that are integrated in the Combat Management System (CMS) and repowering to restore basic functions and improve performance as the main combatant ship. . In addition, for the fleet of warships such as KCR and PKR will also be upgraded navigation and communication systems.

The refurbishment program is expected to provide added value both materially and strategically, not only for PT PAL Indonesia as the lead integrator but also for the designated national shipyards. As is well known, the government’s trust in the national defense industry will have a significant economic impact.

“ With the current implementation of IM4 at PT PAL, it will provide significant benefits in the continuity of projects, including this refurbishment project. So that PAL together with LEN and the Ministry of Defense as users can monitor in real time the progress of ongoing projects, ” concluded Kaharuddin.

As a maritime defense industry that is closely related to the supporting component industry, it will directly move the economy from the micro level to the macro level. “It is hoped that with the holding of the Defense Industry BUMN holding DEFEND ID, it will increase the TKDN (Domestic Component Level) to 50% for key technologies and to become the world’s top 50 industry in the defense industry by 2024,” said the Minister of Defense . RI Mr. Prabowo Subianto at the launch of DEFEND ID last April 2022.