Units of the National Aeronaval Service (SENAN) seized 2,570 packages of alleged drugs, apprehended 4 men and seized a speedboat, in an operation carried out southwest of San José Island, in the Pearl Archipelago.

The occupants of the boat, seeing the uniformed men, tried to flee by performing evasive maneuvers; however, they were secured and in coordination with the Drug Prosecutor’s Office of Panama, the vessel, the illicit and the apprehended were transferred to the CF DEM Naval Base. Noel A. Rodríguez in Rodman to comply with the pertinent proceedings, where a total of 72 sacks containing 2,570 rectangular packages of alleged illicit substance to be determined.

During the period from 2022 to date, the National Aeronaval Service through the execution of 116 successful operations has achieved the total seizure of 81,790 packages of illicit substances.