So far in 2024, the National Aeronaval Service has achieved a total of 36,742 packages of drugs seized, 95 people captured involved in acts of maritime narcotics trafficking, 26 vessels, 20 weapons seized, along with 1,525 ammunition, in addition to two vehicles; all this as the result of 62 patrol operations against drug trafficking.

Among the most common narcotics are cocaine with 18,212 packages seized, marijuana with 16,112 packages, base paste with 254 packages and methamphetamine with 40 packages, in addition to 2,124 packages to be determined.

While among the 95 people learned there are 48 Panamanians, 37 Colombians, 3 Nicaraguans, 2 Portuguese (one woman and one man), 4 Costa Ricans and one Honduran. On the other hand, of the 26 boats seized, 25 are boats and one fishing.

On the other hand, of the 20 weapons seized, there are 7 12-gauge shotguns, 3 rifles (M-4), 3 38-caliber weapons, 5 9mm weapons and 2 pellet rifles; in addition to 1,525 ammunition of different calibers. With 2 vehicles and B/. 5,000.00

It should be noted that on the Caribbean coast, 11,949 packages of drugs were seized, while on the Pacific coast 24,793.