Training ship Palinuro has officially reopened the sails for the 2024 education campaign in favor of the students of the Morosini Military School.

The first stage of the campaign, the sixtieth since its launch ninety years ago, took place in Brindisi where the 59 students of the “Uranos” course of the Francesco Morosini Military School of Venice embarked.

From the very first day on the Palinuro ship, the students have been involved in the dynamics of life on board thanks to the commitment and dedication of the entire crew who dedicate themselves to practical instruction in the art of seamanship and, more generally, on life on a Navy unit.

During its stay in Brindisi, the schooner was moored at the buoy in front of the Swabian Castle, further embellishing the setting with which the President of the Republic and the Heads of State and Government who attended the G7 forum were welcomed in the Apulian territory.
The extended crew then paid their respects to the Authorities who intervened with the traditional salutes.

Nave Palinuro left the port of Salento on 15 June, allowing the students of Morosini to make their first navigation on a Navy ship, the so-called Baptism of the Sea, an exciting moment of growth that will remain etched in their memories.